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We would also like to help you to discover YOUR ancestors - see my favorite links page for other sites which can help you in your own research

Starting with myself and my siblings I have found many family members going back in recent history in England and details of them will follow.
Links with other family members of the same name are also included showing the branches of the individual trees where I have been able to find them.
Your help in adding to any of the information would be accepted with thanks. I have already had some corrections to the site because friends and relatives have pointed out inconsistencies - thanks for that!

Separate family listings and trees will be created on other pages as and when I am able to obtain the necessary information to extend these family trees. If you are linked, in any way to this family tree, please e.mail the details to me

My mother used to tell me about her mother in law who, she said, was Italian with the surname Cavillieri. It was many years before I discovered that her name was actually Cavalier and was in fact, of French Huguenot descent - I started to look backwards from this date and so became interested in family history!

I can help you discover your own roots!! .

CLARA CAVALIER was in fact born in 1864 in Whitechapel, East London, England and her father and mother were both keen members of the local French Huguenot church in Spitalfields. Her mother's family name was Ornsby.

Clara's father was Edward Cavalier, born in Rotherhithe, (Then in Surrey) in 1819.  He had married Elizabeth Harriett Ornsby in 1845 - Elizabeth's father was William and more of this family will follow. (See the pages on Cavaliers and more Cavaliers)

Edward Cavalier's Father was George Frederick Augustus Cavalier born abt Sept. 1791 in Stepney, London His mother was Anne Loman.

Edward Cavalier's brother was also George Frederick Augustus Cavalier  and he married Charlotte Leicester. Edward had other siblings and details of these will be on the Cavalier family page. Elizabeth, his first wife died shortly before 1880 and he was married again, to Sarah Lucas, a widow, about whom I have yet to discover.

I do know that Clara, my grandmother, was living with her father and his new wife, Sarah in 1881 when she was still only 17. I also think that Sarah did not live until the date that Clara married. In fact, I have recently learned that Edward probably married again during his seventies.

Clara Cavalier married Ernest Edward Nicholass on 14th April 1884 on her 20th birthday. His son, Harold, (My father) was also to get married on his birthday but more of this later. (See other pages).

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Help for your own research!

I would like to think that I can help anyone to discover their ancestry and will be willing to give as much help as possible.
If you have any questions that you cannot find the answers to about your own family or your own research, send me an e.mail
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There are many ways of finding members of your family that are still alive either in England or elsewhere and I have access to most of these methods.
If your ancestor served in the 1914-18 or 1939-45 wars and you are not sure of their details, I can look them up for you. Usually it is possible to obtain a certificate from the Roll of Honour provided by their Regiment or from the Government.
Send me as many details as you can and I can help.
I would also be willing to search for ancestors, family or what have you and obtain birth/death/marriage certificates for anyone, from any of the offices in London where records are kept or from the GRO in Scotland.

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